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Registered weddings: An official branch of the registry office of the Konz municipality has been set up in the Clambour Pavilion. Civil weddings can also take place in the Rose Garden, on the Forest Stage and - especially as an alternative venue in bad weather and in winter - in the Vehicle Hall. A registry office wedding in the Open Air Museum is generally possible Mon-Sat in the morning. If you are interested, please contact the registry office of the Konz municipality first - tel. 06501-83-151 . For more information, including possible Saturday appointments, please contact
Information on weddings at the Verbandsgemeinde Konz (in German)

Protestant Church wedding: In this case, please first contact the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Konz, Karthäuser Str. 155, 54329 Konz, tel. (+49) 06501 2394 and then also the museum.

Free wedding ceremony: Design the course of your wedding ceremony according to your wishes. To book, please contact the museum directly.

Our wedding venues ....

The Clambour Pavilion: The Clambour Pavilion directly to the left of the entrance building is the perfect place for the small, intimate wedding ceremony. Even in bad weather or in winter, marriages can be held here in style. Numerous exhibits on wedding customs of old give the ceremony a very special charm. A historic harmonium is available for musical accompaniment. In good weather, the doors of the pavilion can be opened wide so that guests standing outside can also watch the wedding ceremony.
Person capacity: 20 people .
Fee for use of room: €50
-> Clambour Pavilion information
Rose Garden with Maret Pavilion: Get married romantically in the Rose Garden: against the backdrop of Maret Pavilion amid fragrant roses, you can get married in the Rose Garden. A romantic wedding in the rose garden is particularly beautiful when all the roses are in bloom in May/June. Many roses show their blossoms until well into autumn, and in March/April the wedding ceremony is held among flowering tulips and narcissi. Good weather should be booked in advance here, as everyone sits outside. We set up 20 chairs in the front area and parasols if required. Behind them, other guests can watch the wedding ceremony while standing.
Person capacity: 40 people
Fee for use of room: 100 €
-> Information about the Rosengarnten
-> Information on the Maret Pavilion

The Woodland Theatre: Celebrate your wedding day with many friends in the open-air museum. The stage in the shady Lindenrondell is the wedding venue for the grand entrance. Large wedding parties can be seated in the stands, and additional chairs can be set up. The wedding couple sits in the spotlight for all to see. Here there is also the possibility to connect an amplifier and have singers or bands perform.
Person capacity: 150 people.
Fee for room use: 150 €
-> Information on the woodland theatre
The vehicle hall: The vehicle hall is located just to the left of the entrance and is easily accessible for prams and elderly people. Especially in bad weather or in winter, the hall is ideal for larger wedding parties. In the midst of carriages, sleighs and vintage cars, you can say "I do" here.
Person capacity: 100 persons.
Fee for room use: 150 €
-> Information on the vehicle hall
Food, drinks, social programme ....

You are welcome to combine your celebration with a guided tour of the museum for you and your guests.
If you wish, our museum restaurant will be happy to organise the culinary accompaniment to your celebration, from a champagne reception to a multi-course menu.
->Museum Restaurant "Wirtshaus Roscheider Hof"

Please note ....

The wedding ceremonies take place on the museum grounds, access to the respective wedding venue is of course free of charge for your guests. If you want to stay longer and you would like to give your guests the opportunity to see the museum, we offer a special rate of €3 per person. You can order the tickets for this in advance from the museum.

If you would like to decorate the respective wedding venue individually, please discuss with us at what times this is possible. These decorations must be removed as soon as possible after the wedding ceremony so that the space is free again for further events. The throwing of rice and confetti is generally prohibited, flower petals may only be scattered outdoors.
For animal welfare reasons, please refrain from letting doves fly.

For more information, please see our Wedding flyer: DOWNLOAD (in German)