Rose garden

Instead of the earlier estate vegetable garden, a rose garden has been planted in Biedermeier style. The paths are bordered with box and divide the beds up symmetrically. They end at the iron sundial in the middle of the garden.

In June the rose garden is full with the scent of about 8000 rose bushes, half way between the exhibition rooms and the open air museum, and invites the visitor to spend some time there. Daffodils and tulips flower in the spring.

The garden, with its retaining wall made of quarrystone and facing the slope, was planted in the 19th century. It was already shown on the Delkeskamp's panoramic map of the Moselle, which was issued around 1841.

In spring/summer 2019, the roses and other plants blooming in the Rose Garden were catalogued.

To the plants in the rose garden of the Roscheider Hof


rose garden 2016

Fr├╝hjahrsarbeiten im Rosengarten 2016

Elfriede Trierweiler; E Goad su wie dumals - Ein Garten wie damals