The Maret summerhouse

Even while the rose garden was being planted in 1978 the museum became aware of a Biedermeier summerhouse in Trier. The almost square house was built in 1830 in the garden of the Trier marzipan and chocolate manufacturer, Johann Wilhelm Maret (1799 - 1848).

He was a member of the town's more affluent bourgeoisie and one can imagine the social life taking place here on summer evenings.

In 1978 the summerhouse was due to fall victim to an outerwear shop which was expanding its premises. The bulldozer was ready and waiting when the open air museum was informed by an observant person. It did not take long to dismantle the building and it was erected in its new home in the rose garden by the following spring.


Helmut Leiendecker: Falde (Trierisch)