Chapel from Bürder

The chapel dates from around 1730 and is from Bürder, a few kilometres north of Neuwied. It was kindly donated by the diocese of Trier, as it had to make way for a newly built church.

Bürder is however on the right bank of the Rhine and is thus strictly speaking outside the area for the open air museum. The museum was then faced with a dilemma, as no doubt other open air museums have been:

Should the museum follow prior criteria to the word, and run a risk that historical buildings, which do not meet the criteria, will be lost irretrievably, or are the criteria flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen events? The chapel was accepted into the open air museum in the end and was given its new place in 1985 as a traveller’s chapel below the rose garden. The small church is dedicated to the "Grieving Mother". In the chapel there is a Pieta from the old parish garden in Heimersheim near Ahrweiler. Burial crosses are placed around it in groups.



Ernst Thrasolt (1878 - 1945) - Mir /Wir , Vorgetragen von Ewald Meyer, Irsch (Saar)