Hat shop

Since the spring of 2015 the hat shop that used to be located on Brotstraße 26, Trier is in our museum in the archway that leads to the inner courtyard. The shop has been run by the Georg family for six generations. Perhaps they even used to manufacture hats themselves in earlier times.

The last owner „Wolfgang Georg“, in Trier known as „Hut-Schorsch“, was born in this house on Brotstraße 26, Trier. He carried on the business of his parents after World War II and died in 2015 at the age of 88. He didn't have any children and didn’t leave any heirs. What he left is a shop that for 100 years did not change in furnishing. He has sold his private residence when he was still alive

Herrenhutladen Georg

The hat shop „Georg“ was the last of its kind, a specialized shop that appears like a museum. Luckily, we could acquire all of the furnishings, posters and hats. The opening of this shop in our museum took place on open house day on May 17 at 3 pm. The counterpart to this shop is the hat shop „Hannappel“ for women’s headgear from Trier, that is exhibited in our second shop alley.n der Ladengasse 2.

Eröffnung des Herrenhutladens Georg