Until the 1950s the country grocer's was not only the place to buy your groceries. when a certain amount had been reached.

It was also where to hear how the sick old man from the neighbourhood was faring, or whether the mayor's cow had already given birth to her calves. People had more time, goods were put together on the counter and more often than not they were put down to account and only paid for. Many brand names are still familiar to us. "Sil", "Persil" and "Immi" have a long tradition, as do “Dr. Oetker and Maggi". As well as these, mouse traps and fly swatters, snuff and herbal teas, whip stocks, saffron, candles, handkerchiefs and boot polish were on sale and much else besides. Most products were sold loose, that is to say they were not pre-packed. If you wanted to buy oil, then you took a bottle to the shop and it was filled straight from the salad or cooking oil receptacle. Herrings, gherkins and sauerkraut could be had straight out of barrels or earthenware receptacles.


Trierisch mit Helmut Haag als Fischer's Maathes

Lieselotte Haupers - Dat Mißverständnis - Das Missverständnis (Trierisch)