Kläsjes house from Lieg
Built in: 2nd half of the 18th century
Dismantled: 1980
Reconstructed: 1986
(Cochem-Zell district)

The picture shows the shepherd's house from Lieg, which was called "Kläsjeshaus". Two-storey house combining living quarters and livestock sheds, two rooms deep, living quarters are half-timbered, livestock sheds are slate covered.

The simple half-timbered house was the swineherd's house in the parish of Lieg until 1845. The timbering was done completely with recovered timber. In 1857 it was sold to the tailor Johannes Nikolaus Wickert ("Kläsje"), whence the house name probably originates. In front of the house there is the manure heap with a pump for liquid manure. Upstairs there is a smoke chamber and the bedrooms for the parents and children. In the room for storing hay there is a workshop for making scythes.


Rudolf Molter - Dat al Döppen (The old stone jar)


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