Back gardens from the Hunsrück

Between the house Molz and the shepherd's house Klaesjes from Lieg and represents a typical house garden. In the past, the garden was not only there to look at, but served to supply its owner with lettuce and vegetables.

Vegetables were vital food, and by growing medicinal plants such as elderberry (for feverish colds), arnica (for wound treatment), peppermint and camomile (for digestive complaints), it served as a pharmacy. In the summer months, the colourful colourful flowers were an additional treat for the eye.

Our concept for the Hunsrück Garden is to display and preserve old and regional varieties of salads and vegetables. At this point many many thanks to Annette Fehrholz from the fruit and gardening association in Bengel, who brought us pre-pulled vegetable plants for the start. The committed seed expert has been collecting old vegetable varieties from the region and around the world for years. Above all, various varieties of cabbage, pumpkins, melons, an artichoke and more than 20 different robust outdoor tomato varieties are now in our farm garden. and need a lot of water to grow in this heat. We are already looking forward to the first harvest.

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