Bosselstube from Roth
Built in: 2nd half of the 19th century
Dismantled: 1979
Reconstructed: 1981-1983
(Rhine-Hunsrück district)

The Bosselstube (handicrafts room) is a type of farm outbuilding, which was often built in the 19th century in the Hunsrück. On the ground floor, which is built entirely of quarried slate, there was a pigsty.


On top there is half-timbered floor, which soft wood was used to build - as was frequently the case in the 19th century. The workshop rooms are located on this upper floor, which is reached by a covered outer stairway. There is also a staircase from here to the servant's room in the attic.


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Rudolf Molter, Mein Penne Scho-u (Meine Nagelschuhe)



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